आमा बन्दै नायिका निशा अधिकारी – तस्विरहरु हेर्नुहोस्

क्रिकेटर शरद भेषवाकर सँग लामो समयको प्रेमपछि विवाह बन्धनमा बाँधिएकि नायिका निशा अधिकारी आमा बन्ने भएकी छन्। गत असारमा उनीहरुको बिवाह भएको थियो। नायिका अधिकारीले सामाजिक सन्जालमार्फत् आफू गर्भवती भएको बताएकी हुन्। निशाले आफू गर्भवती भएको ५ महिना पुगेको पनि सामाजिक संजालमा बताएकि छिन्। उनले आफ्नो इन्स्टाग्राममा पोस्ट गरेकी तस्विरहरु हेर्नुहोस्।

2nd Trimester. Week 21 day 4! 1st trimester was tiring plus jhyanakuti's release, shooting for movies and acute dust allergy were not helping at all. Second however, is fun. Got my energy back, watching my weight & diet and exercising. #Yoga and #meditation keep me calm and balanced. Enjoying every bit of It. #happyaama with a #happybaby (hopefully). It has started moving a lot. 🤗🤗🤗 subtle reminder of it's companionship!!! #pregnancy #pregnancygram #preggodiaries #inspirepregnancy #thebump #firstbaby …and I thought I had experienced life and It was finally time to do that only thing left to do and also that one thing I had always felt I was born to be… Enjoy #motherhood , become a #mother. I was wrong. I am experiencing fascination. This is a complete #transformation, a new beginning, feeling alive is an understatement… this is #adventure, being one with the nature, understanding the rythm & importance of creation and existence and birth, life& death at the same time. This is beyond what I thought It was. 😇 blessed! To every pregnant lady out there…I wish you n your baby loads of happiness, love and #safemotherhood. ❤ #circleoflife

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